Schedules and Tendering


Within our preparation of work Ashby Building Consultants will prepare a schedule of works detailing all of the works required to complete your project.   This can then be forwarded for pricing either to your own contractor or to several of the contractors on our approved list - to ensure a competitive price.

Approved list contractors are those that we have checked out the quality of workmanship and have used over a period of years.   In using one of our approved contractors you can be assured that you are helping to keep the "cowboy's" out of building, whilst ensuring that your project goes ahead with the minimum of fuss.


Our aims

To assist you the client in achieving your proposed works to a high standard and with the minimum of fuss and without any nasty surprises.


How can we help?

Prepare a schedule of works.

Obtain competitive quotations .

Oversee works on site.

Deal with all payments on completion of work and advise when payment is due.


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